Catherine Chong - Fertility Dietician

Catherine Chong  - Fertility Dietician
Allied Health Professional


Catherine Chong is a certified fertility dietitian and has been honoured to be named 'Dietitian of the Year' at the 2023 Allied Health Awards. She is the visionary behind Pristine Fertility, a practice she founded in 2019, deeply devoted to supporting women on their fertility journey through holistic nutrition and lifestyle management. Her core mission is to improve pregnancy outcomes and nurture mothers' and infants' health through scientifically supported nutritional care.

With a compassionate approach, Catherine provides personalised nutritional guidance. Her academic credentials are robust, with both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Nutrition and Dietetics, enriched by specialised fertility and prenatal nutrition certifications. Her dedication to her profession is demonstrated through her active involvement in the Early Life Nutrition Alliance (ELNA), emphasising her commitment to improving maternal nutrition.

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