The Billings Ovulation Method 

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The knowledge of her body that every woman ought to have

The Billings Ovulation Method(R) is a natural method of fertility management.  It teaches you to recognise your body's natural signal of fertility.

Your reproductive system is an incredible yet complex structure, giving you signals to help you identify the fertile and infertile times in your cycle.  You may notice different types of vaginal discharge throughout your menstrual cycle.  The sensation these discharges produce outside the vaginal opening also changes and that is because your cervix produces different types of mucus in response to changing hormone levels. 

Once, you're familiar with these changes, you will identify the patterns of fertility and infertility in your cycle. 

There are a number of key advantages when considering this method of fertility management:

  Ability to recognise when you're infertile as well as when you're fertile, while remaining in control. 
Knowing how to identify your Peak optimum fertile time increases your chances of conceiving.
Safeguard your reproductive health, recognising what is normal for you in your menstrual cycle and patterns.

Your body, your health your life, is your priority. With AIRRM we want you to gain the best knowledge and information possible so you make the right and informed decision for you. 

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