The FertilityCare, Creighton Model System (CrMs)

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The FertilityCare, Creighton Model System (CrMs) is based upon the knowledge and understanding of naturally-occurring phases of a women's fertility and infertility.  Learning how to observe and chart your biological markers,  empowers you to know your cycles and use this information to maintain your health. Furthermore, couples can use this knowledge to plan and build a family together. 

The uncertainty with not knowing what is wrong with your body, can have damaging effects both mentally and emotionally.  Therefore, learning how to chart your biological markers also helps you to highlight any abnormalities present which can then, assist with diagnosing possible reproductive disorders.  With this valuable information, you are now informed and empowered to identify the next steps in your fertility journey. 

In addition you can combine Creighton Model with a medical treatment program, NaPro Technology to help you reach a full procreative health.

What is NaPro Technology

NaPro Technology refers to Natural Procreative Technology.

Based on thirty years of research and practical application, NaPro Technology is a women's health science which has the ability to work cooperatively with the woman's menstrual and fertility cycle.

Relying on the Creighton Model biomarkers to easily monitor and track the body's various hormonal events during the menstrual cycle, valid information can be interpreted by you and your physician.

NaPro Technology identifies the problems and cooperates with your menstrual and fertility cycles to correct the condition, maintain the human ecology and sustain the procreative potential. 

For more information to empower your decision we have these additional avenues to support your decision. 

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