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National Fertility Conference 2024 Report

Our 10th National Fertility Conference “Shining a Light on Restorative Fertility from Conception to Menopause” was held on 23rd to 24th February at the Treacy Centre in Parkville, Melbourne. The speaker line-up included medical professionals, accredited fertility awareness educators and allied health professionals from Australia and beyond: 

The conference opened with a public forum exploring one couple’s journey with infertility related to extensive endometriosis. The story followed the woman’s journey from her painful first periods , through the advice and treatments given by several medical practitioners, including multiple surgeries. The story continued through her marriage in her late thirties, and then the couple’s struggle with infertility and continuing health problems.  The couple reached out to a local Billings Ovulation Method teacher, which led to meeting an AIRRM general practitioner and then a specialist gynaecologist able to do robotic surgery for endometriosis.  Several months later, natural conception occurred, and the joyful birth of their healthy baby followed. 

The public forum was followed by presentations on conditions affecting women from the time of their first period (menarche) through to menopause. Several presentations discussed the need for improved fertility awareness education in schools and critically, medical schools.

A highlight was Professor Pilar Vigil, director of the Reproductive Health Research Institute in Chile and New York, presenting on polycystic ovarian syndrome and Type 3 Diabetes, now being proposed as a new cause of and name for Alzheimer’s Disease. Professor Vigil also addressed the topic of the management of Premature Ovarian Ageing.

The event was also a fantastic networking opportunity, and widely enjoyed.

We look forward to your joining us in future NFCs and other educational and networking events.

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